Americans Shut The Fuck Up

This is what every person outside the United States is constantly thinking to themselves and I never understood why until I started actually listening to people who live outside the states versus many of the lunatics who reside here. Since I was raised here and in my parent’s country (but mostly here) I can relate to and understand the plight of the average American. I understand their history, I understand their politics, and I understand why oppressed groups here feel the way that they do. This is a nation that thrives on blood, oil, money, drugs, non-stop oppression, religious hypocrisy, and wastefulness. None of that bothered me, not any more than it usually does anyway, until one day on Twitter when a bunch of radical left-wing accounts (of whom I had learned quite a bit) decided to utter a statement along the lines of “Black Americans deserve to claim a Global South identity because of the level of poverty we have in the U.S.” Now I am not one for diaspora wars. When I was younger I was disgusted by how some older Black immigrants spoke about Black Americans (my mother was always of the opinion that because they had fought for so much in this country they were to be respected) but I can see now American exceptionalism is one helluva drug. There are tons of Black Americans living in absolute destitute situations in this country no doubt. But to ever fix your fingers and claim they “deserve” to claim a “Global South identity” right now as Haitians are being deported by ICE and tortured at the border for being Haitian right now as many Afro-Latinos are dying in favelas in countries with no unemployment right now as continental Africans are slowly but surely dying as climate change, colonialism, and Western imperialists and converts erode their countries. When I saw that tweet my eye began to twitch. I began to remember all the times the American students at my HBCU would straight up mock or carry on in class with a professor who was African and had a noticeable accent. I yelled at them all to be quiet. I remember all the Rate My Professor ratings that would state “heavy accent. couldn't understand.” followed by a low rating of a professor who most likely spoke multiple languages usually a local tribal one and several others including English. I recall how every so often when someone happens to find out I am Latina they demand to know how I speak “such good English.” I recall when a Black American friend of mine took a trip to Belize and told me how shocked she was that the majority of the people lived in “tin roof houses with no wifi” I couldn’t help but laugh. My grandmother’s house in the farthest corner of Limón did not have wifi until maybe a decade ago or so. Prior to that, we would go to internet cafés if we had to use the computer to send an e-mail or surf the web. I say these things to Americans and they nod as if they get it but they don’t. To be American is to be king to be anyone from anywhere else is to be dogshit stuck to the bottom of his royal highness’ shoe.

Please I beg of you. Enough.



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